I have a great view of our backyard from my office, namely to watch our little ball of trouble carry sticks twice her size around the yard or dig up some nameless creature in the middle of the garden, but also because it’s really peaceful.  Today is rainy and overcast, yet the grass looks doubly green by contrast.  (and, I should mention, nicely trimmed, since Ross took our new mower for its inaugural spin around the yard.)  In addition to being peaceful, I will admit it provides me with a bit of distraction every now and again as I daydream about all the little “projects” waiting for me to tackle with our .67 acre estate.

 1. The neighbors to our left have a less than attractive junk shed that pretty much shatters the serenity of the area, so I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a fast growing but attractive shrub or hedge that will thicken up the fenceline between our properties.  any suggestions??

2. A sweet veggie garden:  my tomatoes, corn, potatoes, squash, spinach, and green beans are all en route to our house now, but I’ve yet to get the area ready for planting.  It’s on the to-do list.


3. my back corner oasis:  I’ve gotten the notion to make the far back corner of our yard into a mini wildflower patch – just all sorts of great flowers growing unbridled and free…something like that.  The cherry on top of that sundae will be a small bench or table and chairs for two I’d like to put in the center of it.  If you’re laughing by now, that’s fine – I fully admit it’s going to take some work.  But come next summer when I invite you over for a tall glass of lemonade in the Back Corner Oasis, maybe you’ll change your mind.

4.  The existing mulch bed complete with swing:  I’m only partially sure of what’s planted there already, so only summer will tell just what I have to work with.  But the master plan is to fill it with lots of great blooms from Spring until Fall and brick in a little path to the swing.  fun, huh?


Staring through my window gets me motivated to just dive right in to accomplish all these great ideas, but as I’ve learned with most of my projects, I need to start off by just dipping my toes in first.