Last Friday Ross and I finally did what he’s been promising we would do for a very long time:  no, it wasn’t to upgrade my diamond ring, and nope it wasn’t to go on an all day shopping extravaganza – it was to go camping!  With little pup in tow, we finally got to pack up all the cool camping gear we got for shower and wedding gifts and take a mini camping trip to Pandapas Pond.  Our site was actually a mile or so behind the pond and even though we could hear the occasional bike troup riding by, it seemed like we had the entire forest to ourselves.  The weather was perfect for the trip; we took a short walk before coming back to the campsite to start a fire, make a quick dinner, and set up our little tent for two.  Rosie seemed to be enjoying herself and somehow managed to find a large enough body of water to completely douse herself in wonderful wet muddiness while intermittenly galloping around the campsite in circles. 

After dinner we broke out the guitars, played a little music, enjoyed the scenery, and even fit in a couple games of cards before heading to bed.  It was just chilly enough to feel good zipped up in our sleeping bags, and the next morning we had a leisurely oatmeal breakfast before packing up and heading back home.  Ross is still chained to his wedding pictures, so we couldn’t afford to spend the whole day in the woods, as much as we would’ve liked to. 

The next goal is to go on a couple of different full weekend camping trips before taking the plunge sometime for a weeklong hike.  Ross has only been on one and he says they’re pretty intense.  So we’ll have to work up to that.  Another goal is going to be learning how to pack everything we’d need for a weekend into a 3200 cubic inch pack – it’s a lot tougher than I thought!

Well it’s about time to head off to work – my first day – a little nerve wracking.  I’ll hopefully have a lot to write about in the days and weeks ahead – just pray that I survive them.