Ross and I went to see the movie “Once” last night at the Lyric. I loved it. It had that great cinematography feel of a lot of Indie films – kind of home-video looking, but with the extra bonus of having some amazing angles. I had never seen any of the cast members before, but they were reallly real and natural (the leading lady was Czech – yeahh). The movie was categorized as a musical, but that title is kind of misleading. Don’t think Fiddler on the Roof or Oklahoma, where suddenly people burst into song for no apparent reason. This definitely had music in it, but it was because the story was about two musicians. Throughout the movie they write a few songs and then get studio time later to record. So in that sense it doesn’t fit the standard “musical” stereotype. But I guess it CAN be categorized as a musical in the sense that the most important parts of the movie involve their songs. And the songs were GOOD too – I bought the whole soundtrack off of iTunes when we got home. I actually felt quite inspired to write more of my own music, but I don’t know how successful that will be – seeming as I’ve written and composed all of two songs in my lifetime. But the bottom line is, this was definitely a good movie. Go out and see it.
Oh, but be warned – it’s set in Ireland – and boy do they enjoy the f bomb – so just look past that! :-/