As most everyone knows, fall is my absolute favorite season.  Yes, spring runs a close second because now that I’m trying to develop a green thumb, the thought of new plants shooting up from the ground is really exciting.  But there’s just something about fall that usurps even that.  It seems to go by so quickly, but there are those two or three peak weeks where the leaves are in full-tilt color; the air has that fresh, sharp, woody, burned leaf scent to it and repeatedly sucking in lungfuls of it still isn’t enough.  So with that said, here are just a few, off-the-top-of-my-head reasons why fall is #1.

– fall scents.  i love to break out all my pumpkin spice, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and cranberry candles all over the house.  not that i don’t burn those in the middle of july too, but in the fall it just fits so much better.  and i can’t forget the smell of bonfires and freshly fallen leaves – which oddly enough, also reminds me of football.  speaking of football….

– football.  in high school, “football season” didn’t have the same connotation to me as it does now.  Football season in high school meant going to the games and hanging out on the “Hill” with friends for 3 hours.  Football season now means sacrificing everything to tune in (or better yet, BE there) when my Hokies run out onto the field.  It means friends and family coming into town, tailgating, and most recently, it meant standing in the POURING rain elbow to elbow with 66,000 other poncho clad fans and cheering our team on (p.s. they were robbed.)

– hiking/camping.  this time of year is the best for an afternoon hike, walk, or bike ride.  and when ross and i went camping with Tom and Julia, it was so incredibly refreshing to be out hiking in cool, crisp weather.

– fall clothes.  i’m a huge fan of layers.  before it was popular to be a huge fan of layers, i was a huge fan of layers.  i’ll layer just about anything, and with the cool weather (finally) coming on, layers are the perfect way to dress.  so give me long tanks, thin ribbed henley shirts, and a comfy thin fleece to top it off, and i’m a happy girl.

– trick or treaters.  even though our “residential” road is a zooming deathtrap for pedestrians, Ross and I got our first trick or treaters for Halloween!  Not growing up in a neighborhood, it was so crazy for me to hear a knock at the door where three or four spidermans, princesses (one with what I can only assume was blood all over her face. lol), supermans, and turtles all held out their various bags and yelled “Trick or Treat!”  I felt so grown up!

– fall food.  i’ve saved the best for last.  fall food is comfort food – and i love comfort food.  think crockpot meals, thick stews and chilis, warm bread, and of course, apple cider. mmm. 

in the spirit of fall food, i’ve taken a “good anytime” dessert and given it a nice fall twist:  Pumpkin Tiramisu.  Instead of lady fingers; ginger snaps.  Instead of just mascarpone cheese; an extra layer in the middle that includes sweetened pumpkin puree with a touch of cream cheese.  And instead of cocoa on the top; a little cinnamon and nutmeg. I can’t vouch for the taste quite yet, since we won’t be eating it until tomorrow, but at least the pictures make it look good. enjoy!


The finished product

An “in progress” shot.  It may not look all that great, but it sure tasted good.

eating the pumpkin tiramisu


Check here for a few more pictures.