I don’t know about you, but by the time I finally make it downstairs in the mornings, I have about 20 minutes to make and eat breakfast, make lunch, and then go back upstairs to brush my teeth and run out the door.   So what happens is that I end up only eating a half a bowl of cereal or grits, throwing together a lunch that I’m mad at myself later for making, and being late to work in spite of it all.  Lately, this has also included forgetting to run outside and turn my car on to defrost – so I’m stuck shivering in my car and waiting to be able to see out of my windshield.  Fun times.

To attempt to solve this problem, I decided to get proactive last night (my Hokies were breaking my heart anyway) and make single serving sizes of this cool breakfast recipe I came across recently.  I’ve actually made it several times before as a large casserole, but without the twist of sliced peaches on top.  The peaches really give an extra something to the dish aside from sweet, eggy bread and made me feel like I was eating something a little healthier, which I was, actually, because I substituted a hearty artisan whole wheat bread for the traditional french white, and a 2:1 ratio of egg whites to egg yolks to lighten up this dish.  You could also substitute almost any fruit you want on the top – I’m just on a peach kick right now.  But I’ll probably try blueberries and strawberries the next time I make it.  The perks of making single serving sizes are 1) overeating is eliminated and 2) baking time is significantly reduced.  I think I threw this in for about 20 minutes or so instead of the 40 it would’ve taken for a full casserole.

So maybe because today was Friday or maybe because I had a hot and healthy breakfast waiting for me, but my morning went by a lot more smoothly today.