i’ve come to realize that i’m a blogaholic.  i could spend hours hopping from one blog to another and getting all sorts of inspired by the pictures, prose, and just general creativity that oozes from a lot of these bloggers.  so in the spirit of being inspired, here is a list (not comprehensive by any means) of things that inspire me.

1.  maybe this desire stems from the amazing time we had in Montana, but if I could have my own tiny cabin with barely enough room for a bed and a stove in the middle of nowhere with a pretty good view i think i would be ecstaticly happy.  it would be a writer/photographer/nature lover’s dream come true. sigh.

2. morning light.  there’s something really amazing about the way morning sun can light up ordinary things and make them look surreal.

3.  food pictures.  a really well done picture of a meal always makes me excited to try the recipe for myself.  even if the ingredients are a bit unusual.

4. good driving music.  depending on the weather, i have a couple of no-fail CD’s to listen to in the car.  sometimes I pretend I’m in a movie and the CD is my soundtrack for the silent montage section.  it’s very dramatic.

5. simplicity.  i guess that’s kind of vague, but maybe the slant i’m taking on this is simplistic design/decorating.  our house is too small to really decorate sparsely, but i’m always attracted to clean and simple design – the kind without a lot of knick knacks and frilly things.  this house is a perfect example of how simple i’d like to decorate but without a hope in the world that I’ll ever accomplish it.

i guess that’s a start.  maybe i’ll keep working on this list indefinitely.  stay tuned.