Learning can be accomplished generally in one of two ways:

1. Someone tells you something and you learn it – practicing it from now until forever.

2. You do something, it fails miserably, and you know not to do it like that ever again.

You can probably tell that this story is about option #2.

It was last spring.  Or really, late late winter.  I had just moved into my house and was bursting with all the plans I had for it:  we’d remodel this, we’d paint that, we’d have amazing, blossoming, plentiful flower and vegetable gardens where everything grew in abundance until we practically had to give it away.  It all seemed to be going to plan until I learned about something called The Last Frost Date.  pesky little things.  And apparently said Last Frost Date isn’t the same across the whole state.  Here in the mountains, it’s a whole month later than back home.  So last year there were no potatoes, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, corn, or really anything else for that matter. 

So the moral of that story is:  I’ve learned from that experience.  This year I’m going to do it right.  And I’m super excited because:  My seeds are here!!!

I just can’t plant them for another, ohhh, three months.