i knew this would happen.  as soon as I go and say something like “it’s too early for a gardening kick” the next post I write is about what – gardening.  But that was before a) my crocuses started to shoot up and b) a little thing I’ve come to know and love: daylight savings time!

purple crocus

I know some people think it’s weird to start daylight savings time in March, but I for one, am a huge fan.  For almost the entire month of December I would wake up to go to work – in the dark.  Then I’d get off for work and by the time I got home – it was dark.  How depressing.  But now my spirits will be significantly lifted when I get home and realize there’s still several hours of light left.  And light reminds me of spring, which reminds me of warm sunshine, which reminds me of gardening.  (And we already know that I have my seeds. 🙂 )

So that’s why I just had to write this post.