I have to apologize for being totally MIA for way way too long.  I think all this evening light we’ve started having has really pulled my attention to other things.  And then there’s the age-old excuse that I like to whip out for occasions such as this:  life has just been too dang busy!

So you see all those topic categories to the right?  How about I start writing about all of them soon?  Very soon?  Like the raised garden beds I’m going to attempt to make from scratch?  The Book Release Soiree I’ll be throwing for a friend and first-time author next weekend?  And maybe the bathroom renovation we want to tackle very soon?  (recall seeing any pictures of our bathroom posted? yeah, that’s why)

So let me get through Easter weekend (not really “get through,” but enjoy) and the Hubby’s birthday (Monday, the 24th!) and I promise I’ll be back and ready to blog.

thanks yall.