Now that the danger of frost is (hopefully) safely behind us, Ross and I are going to be hitting the garden big time this weekend.

What’s on the to-do list?  So glad you asked.

– cutting our jungle of a lawn.  i honestly don’t know how grass can grow almost a foot in just two weeks

– planting those tomatoes and peppers we’ve been coddling under warm plant lights for weeks and weeks.  (we may actually have some survivors!)

– finishing constructing the raised beds where said tomato and pepper plants will live.  we’re just a few nails away from completion

– mulching the front yard with our two-scoops of fresh, brown, didn’t-break-the-piggy-bank mulch.  last year we could only pretend we had mulch by fluffing up the soil.  things are lookin up

– planting the remaining blackberry and raspberry bushes.  “remaining” doesn’t refer to the fact that we’ve already planted some.  “remaining” refers to the ones that survived being carted around the yard by puppy teeth

– weeding!  right now our back yard has about a trillion mini oak trees trying to make a go of it and i’m on a mission to keep the mammoth sized trees to three

– buying and planting some new fun plants to color up the house a little bit

so who’s coming over to help us?