our yellow lab Rosie is a 16-month old bundle of fluff, whose main goal in life is to love and be loved. it doesn’t matter who you are, she loves you. this can prove problematic for dogs that she’s meeting for the first time who may not share her, um, exuberance.

Enter Max.

Our neighbor down the street, Elizabeth, has a two year old terrier-something. We wanted the two to meet and become fast friends, but Max successfully avoided the situation by hiding behind his mom the entire time. Occasionally he would peek his head out, sniff Rosie when she wasn’t looking and then bark uproariously when she noticed and tried to pay him any attention. So when Elizabeth told us that Max had to stay crated up all day because her yard wasn’t fenced in well, we didn’t hesitate. “Bring him over to play with Rosie! I’m sure they’ll learn to love each other!”

Easier said than done. Max spent the entire first day quivering in his crate.

But surprisingly it got better, and although, Max was a bit of a drama queen and Rosie always came on a little strong, I think they secretly started to become friends. But you had to catch them at it: we caught glimpses of them taking walks around the yard together, looking out from the gate together, and even sunbathing nestled in the same spot. Max would still bark like a banshee and scramble to get inside if you ever opened the back door, but really, I knew it was all a big cover-up.

Then Ross took these photos. And it was proof once and for all that these little pups are fast friends.