we’re nearly halfway through june.  how on earth did that happen?  i’d much prefer the way time goes by in childhood, in a slow and relaxed amble.  but i digress.

although ross and i have been doing a bit of travelling, what’s taken up most of our time (and the reason for my absence) is the big chunk of green called our yard.  most specifically, the little section of it we’ve designated to be our garden (not to mention the weeding, mulching, and grass cutting).  i need to show more updated pictures, but since the last time i’ve shown our little garden, it’s been filled with dirt, filled with seeds, scattered and almost destroyed by the Blonde One with four legs, subsequently fenced in, watered and coddled daily, and now filled with thriving seedlings. 

i’ve been jotting down notes here and there in a journal i had lying around and hopefully i can only improve on this endeavor next year. the number one improvement i’d like to make is planting my seeds earlier and then maybe planting a second wave of seeds about this time in order to extend my growing season.

i know i’ve posted before on what we’re planting, but i’ll give the final total one more time:

– red onions

– spinach

– swiss chard

– yellow squash

– green beans

– red, yellow, and orange bell peppers

– red and yellow tomatoes

then last night, and thanks to the generosity of a lady in Blacksburg, we’ve added spearmint and peppermint to our laundry list of “things we’re trying to grow this year.”  I spent a good chunk of the evening chipping away at a patch of grass on the side of our house in order to plant it.  i must’ve looked pretty intense because our neighbor came out to offer me a pick axe to help with the job – which it definitely did.  let’s hope that the little guys take to their new home, and that Four-Legged Terror keeps her paws to herself.