after a beautiful and relaxing (and much needed) vacation with the in-laws in coastal Oregon, I’m back, refreshed, and ready to post.  here’s a little peek at what’s coming up:

those garden pictures i last posted? hah – they’re old news.  our garden is nearly bursting out of its box and I can only hope that the veggies will soon be growing ripe and ready for the plucking.

in the kitchen, my latest love affair is homemade sourdough bread – who would’ve thought i was capable of something as tricky as bread can sometimes be – but really, this recipe is super easy and even better tasting.

ross and i have a couple of DIY home projects up our sleeves – after tackling the beadboard project in our bedroom this past spring we’re ready for another challenge.

finally, i have some fabulous pictures from all the hikes we went on in Oregon, plus some awesome sunsets on the water.  the northwest coast is just too beautiful for words.