Ross and I spent Family Vacation #1 on the Northwest coast of Oregon. So beautiful out there – and definitely not the weather I was used to for the first week of July. It was actually cold.

On our second to last night in Oregon we stayed inland in Portland and spent the afternoon window shopping downtown. Then I made the mistake of stepping into West Elm. During a sale. And then falling in love with two very oddly shaped (and VERY on sale) candlesticks. With much regret, I had to walk away – how on earth would I be able to smuggle those two massive things across the country? Why couldn’t I have found some nice, flat napkins instead?

But then I thought, how can I pass this up? And that price! Am I going to let a little thing like 3,000 miles and an airport that will charge me an extra fee for almost any reason they can come up with stand in my way? Of course not. And that’s when Ross and I counted our blessings that we had packed light (actually, too light – we froze the entire week), we went back, and the funky candlesticks were mine!