I mentioned a little while ago that I’m on a sourdough bread kick.  If we go back about two or three months ago, my sourdough bread obsession existed only in my mind – I would read about people making bread and would look at their sourdough bread pictures, but it seemed too complicated to actually do myself.

It wasn’t the kneading or the waiting for the dough to rise that scared me.  And sourdough bread doesn’t even use yeast – at least not normal yeast.  What scared me was creating, growing, and keeping alive the sourdough starter.

Don’t ask me how it all happens, but you put a few simple ingredients together and somehow they’re supposed to ferment just right and act as the yeast in the bread.  The starter is also what gives the bread its “sour” taste.   So all of that was way beyond me and I had pretty much written off ever attempting it when we got a knock at the door.

Our neighbor from across the street was standing on our doorstep holding out a soft, fragrant, and fresh out of the oven(!) loaf of none other than homemade sourdough bread.

“Oh sure, we could give you some of the starter.  It’s so much easier than trying to start one yourself.  And it’s not hard to maintain as long as you feed it”

The next day I had a container of starter and a sheet of written directions (including a recipe) placed in my hands.

So I started making sourdough bread.  Pretty cool, huh?

Below is a little taste of the bread making process.  Starting right after the “first rise” of the dough up until it goes into the loaf pans.  Then another wait for the “second rise” and you can pop those babies into the oven and be eating bread within the hour.  I’ll show the after pictures tonight.