so back when i said that ross and i had a few other house projects up our sleeves, i didn’t mention which house project.  this latest project was for a room i’ve never featured here, mainly because there was nothing really to see.  it was simply a room that held a lot of stuff and served a lot of functions.  so meet our study.  this rooms serves as office, library, media storage, music room, filing room and i’m sure a few other things too.

here’s what it looked like when we first moved in:

after we moved our stuff in it held two desks, two printers, a tall bookshelf, my piano, a filing cabinet, and a couple of storage shelves.  not to mention the radiator (gotta love houses built in the 40’s) and the lovely floor to ceiling wallpaper.  and don’t let the picture fool you – the room is NOT that big.  we’re talkin maybe 100 square feet here people.

but now this room has a bit of a new lease on life.

afters to come soon….