Just stopping in to say hi.

I’ll be posting some pictures of our first tomatoes of the season very soon.  So yes, even though the very first tomato wasn’t picked until August 31st, which is incredibly late as far as tomatoes go, the tomatoes are healthy and tasty and comin in fast now.

I’ve already been making notes as to how our little garden will be tweaked and changed for next year, plus a few of the things I learned along the way.  I’ll post those thoughts too – hopefully soon.

This week has been especially busy – even though we had Monday off – because we’ve had something going on every evening, which means I’ve barely been home this entire week.  And the weekend won’t slow down for us either because we’ll be taking a half day off of work tomorrow (Friday) in order to be at Rockbridge (Young Life camp) by 5 for a church retreat weekend where our praise band will be playing all the music.  So lots going on, but I’ll be around.