i was blessed to have a total of FOUR bridal showers.  three of which are shown below.

Shower #1:  Bridesmaids’ Shower.  As maid of honor, Ashley threw together a beautiful Italian themed bridal shower at my parents’ house.  Amazing food, fabulous decorations, great girlfriends, and really funny games.  One of the last pictures is during a game where each person was asked to write a funny memory they had with me and I was supposed to guess who it was before opening their present.  As it turned out, the telling of all the funny stories and inside jokes had the entire party in hysterics.

Shower #2:  Ladies of the Church shower.  This was a great shower held at my home church.  The decorations, appropriately chosen, were dozens of pictures of me and ross on various trips, outings, and other excursions over the course of our relationship.  and because we both live with cameras attached to us, that made for a lot of pictures to choose from.

Last shower:  Campmor Shower.  Because Ross and I are outdoor lovers, we felt compelled to register at a venue that was a little out of the ordinary:  a camping website.  This shower, thrown for us by Ross’s mom, sister, and brother-in-law was a co-ed shower for all things Campmor.  We had such a great time out in Wilsieland (the nickname for Ross’s parents’ house), the weather couldn’t have been nicer, and we were so excited with all of our outdoorsy gifts.  They’ve been put to use many times since.