maybe it’s because even though i have the best of intentions, i’m a little lacking in the follow through, or maybe it’s because fall just inspires me more than other times of the year, but it seems like my “My Favorite Things” lists only happen in the fall.  oh well.  better luck next season.

here are a couple of things that are really making me excited this fall.

– participating in this

– dreaming about signing up for this very soon.  (more about this in an upcoming post)

– cuddling up on the sofa next to the first fire of the season

– compiling my list of comfort food recipes I’d like to make this year: caramel apples, pumpkin flan, anything made in a crockpot, soups and stews of any kind, and maybe this pumpkin cake.

–  flannel sheets (now that i’m married and can’t have my way all the time, flannel sheets ARE just a cold-weather occurrence.  look what a great wife i am) layering blankets on our bed and topping it off with our fluffy duvet.  one could also deduce by this statement that we are tightwads and never turn on our heat, but instead allow icicles to form on our dogs’ noses even though they sleep inside every night.  and this would be a correct deduction.

– reading this blog and this blog and this blog.  these blogs aren’t really fall specific.  they’re just new ones that i’ve decided to become obsessed with recently.

– my Jim Brickman station on Pandora.  He’s an awesome pianist and for some reason great instrumental piano music just makes me think of fall and getting cozy and feeling drowsy by the fire with a mug of hot apple cider.  i don’t know why.

happy fall.  maybe i’ll actually be proactive and come up with one for winter.  i’m totally jonesing for Christmastime already.