ross and i just returned from a fabulous weekend of camping and hiking on the AT.  Although we’ve camped for the weekend before, there were three “firsts” about this trip:

1. it was just the two of us (and the pups of course) – our other weekend rendezvous have all been group events – we had a great time hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, which, despite being married and seeing each other every day, it’s sometimes hard to just “be” with your spouse.

2. we went tentless.  since we were on the AT, shelters are pretty common and at this time of year they’re not very crowded.  we had the pleasure of having a shelter all to ourselves on Friday night and then sharing one with some Southbound thru-hikers, Duster and Honey, on Saturday night. 

3. we stayed local.  the AT runs all through our area, so why drive hours to camp?  our hiking itinerary began at the ascent to McAfee’s Knob (2 miles in we camped at shelter #1), hiked the rest of the way to the Knob on Saturday, across the entire ridgeline and over to Tinker Cliffs (about 5 miles) and ending at the next shelter about 2.6 miles after that.  Then on Sunday morning we backtracked .6 miles and got off the AT onto a spur trail leading to a parking lot only a few minutes from the in-laws’ house.  They picked us up, fed our hungry bellies some good food and took us back to our car.  All in all, about 15 miles for the weekend.

Our bodies are very sore, but what an awesome weekend.

We have pictures too.  Those to come soon.