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attended a dessert night this weekend.  had some coconut on hand and finally got to use the coconut pie recipe i have.

about to finish up the leftovers from the crockpot potato soup we made last week.  i love leftovers & i really love when leftovers last almost a week.

can’t wait to sit down to thanksgiving dinner with family next week.  this year i’m contributing to the menu:

– baked mac n cheese with veggies (MIL’s recipe)

– poached pears and apples with candied pecans (adapted from gourmet)

– homemade bread (potato rolls, whole wheat rolls, sourdough if i can get my new starter in time)

– gooey butter pumpkin cake (a paula deen recipe)

have a bag of cranberries in my fridge that are calling my name.  maybe a cranberry relish, maybe cranberry/apple crumble.  maybe both.

happy monday