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you know that bag of cranberries i had hanging around?  well i was procrastinating on using them because i just couldn’t decide what the perfect recipe would be.  but there’s no cure for procrastination like the spoiling of food – because the cranberries were starting to go south and i would’ve lost them all together if i didn’t find a recipe fast.

so i chose this one.

if you happened to click on it, you would notice that neither the title nor the ingredients list actually contained the word cranberries.  but that’s OK – because i put some in.  it’s one of those things i love to do and one of those things ross hates that i do – not that he doesn’t enjoy the finished product, of course – he just doesn’t like when i don’t follow the rules.  but really, with this recipe i followed all the rules but one:  the type of fruit i put in.  i’m sure figs are great and awesome, but i’ve never had one and i didn’t have a bag of figs in my fridge, i had a bag of cranberries.  and a few stray apples too.  so bada bing, bada boom, a recipe was born.

below are pictures of my fallish Cranberry Apple Crisp. for the recipe, click here.