i feel like that’s important advice during the month of december.  just breathe.  inhale and exhale in a slow, continual pattern and in the meantime, open your eyes and take in your surroundings.  enjoy all the things that you normally just do on autopilot at this time of year:  the decorating, the hymns, the giving, the cooking (the eating), the time off 🙂 and obviously the true heart of the season. 

i have such a tendency to fly headlong into the frenzy of the season and not the beauty of the season.  sure, i still have plenty of things to get done, but if i just tweak my approach and choose not to run around like a crazy person, but instead be deliberate in all of my interactions, gift purchases, etc, i’ll feel so much better.

within the next week, i’m going to put together a mini tour of our house (once it’s finally decorated) as an incentive for myself to slow down and appreciate the details.  i know it may be hard to believe, but i’m not taking as many pictures as i’d like and i feel like i’m missing out on some great memories.  this will be remedied.

happy humpday.