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i have a confession:  i started decorating for christmas a bit early this year. i don’t know, for some reason i was really feeling the christmas spirit round about, ohh, mid-november.  so i held off until the week before thanksgiving and then broke down and decorated the dining room and our living room mantle.  i won’t apologize – it was fun.

so come on in and enjoy the festiveness.

the dining room


i’m usually one who loves a lot of color around christmas, but this year i decided to take the dining room decorations in a different direction.  partly because it’s really cool and partly because i didn’t have enough stuff to go totally monochromatic, i used a white/cream/silver color palette in this room.


i paired a white tablecloth with a cream one (also because neither really fits our table correctly), then stacked silver chargers, cream napkins, white salad plates, and silver bread plates for place settings.  some people think that setting the table when no one’s coming for dinner is kind of lame, but i thought that as a Christmas decoration, these could get a pass.


i also layered in some taper candles (in crystal candlesticks that we got for our wedding that i totally didn’t like at first – 2 years later they’ve definitely grown on me) a cream cakestand, a silver hammered bowl, and some cream vases from ikea.


inside the bowl are a handful of small gourds i scored for cheap at the beginning of fall – two months later and a little white and cream spray paint and presto, christmas decorations.



a simple arrangement on our buffet table.  it doesn’t hurt that my 20-pound cannisters of flour and sugar play into my white/cream/silver theme pretty well.  the long wooden trough i snagged at a local antique shop.

the living room:


this year, ross decided that a dining room was no place to display a Christmas tree.  so this is where our petite little pine finally found a home.  it took swapping the loveseat and the sofa and inching the loveseat a bit to the right, but it works.  this room is where i decided to let loose on the color.


on the left:  an arrangement repurposed from our wedding reception.  still goin strong after two years – not bad.  on the right:  the red votive arrangement was a christmas gift from ross’s grandmother two years ago.  i love the bright cranberry red, especially when it’s lit.


the other side of the mantle.  i’ve been collecting this Italian nativity scene set for several years now.  too much more and it’ll outgrow this spot.


the star i grew up putting on my tree.  this was my mom’s when she was growing up too.



our stockings are hung by the chimney with care…


the kitchen:


and finally, the kitchen. the christmas spirit even leaked into this room, but this is about as festive it gets.


our wall of handmade ornament magnets to hold up all of our christmas cards.



thanks for taking our little christmas tour.  i’ll have another post soon about some of our outdoor decor.

merry christmas!