so even though Christmas is approaching and I’m very much excited about it and enjoying the winteryness of the season, in the back of my mind i am continually planning for spring when it’ll be time for us to start on our garden again.  it’s really not that much of a stretch because i plan to order all of my seeds (from here and here) around the first of the year.  then, depending on the type of seed it is, i could be starting seeds (indoors and under little plant friendly lights, of course) as early as february.  see?  i’m not that far ahead of myself.

so whenever i want it to be garden time – right. now. – i go read several posts from my go-to gardeny blogs:  In My Kitchen Garden (an offshoot of farmgirl fare) and a new favorite, Bluebird Meadows blog.  Hailing from Missouri and (right in my backyard) Durham, NC respectively, these blogs give both great advice and show an in depth look at what goes into growing what you eat.  Now, I can’t relate entirely to each of these farmers, mainly because they live on dozens (or hundreds, as is the case with Farmgirl) of remote acres.   So when I step out into my .6 acre backyard I can only fantasize about seeing rolling hills and stands of oak trees for miles – because really what i can immediately see are about 5 houses surrounding mine.   c’est la vie.

so until i have a back 40 of my own, i will toil away in my little patch of land and live vicariously through these guys.  and because you’ll be dying to know since i need to kick myself in the pants to get this done, i’m going to post my “final decisions” on wilsie garden 2k9 very very soon.  ross and i have loved doing this together and hope to get better and better as we go.  at least that’s the plan.