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don’t make love at the garden gate

‘cuz love is blind but the neighbors ain’t.

no need to cover your eyes – this is not a tale of a love connection gone awry.

for ross’s and my anniversary back in october my parents gifted us with the funds to buy the garden fence we were hoping to install to keep our pesky canines from using it as their sandbox again.  they also graciously gifted us with that poem in the card.  (and its true too – our neighbors watch everything we do.  bless their hearts)

well, nearly three months later we finally put their gift to good use.  we thought we had missed the window of good weather opportunity and would have to put off the project until the spring.  so who would ever think that december 30th in the blue ridge mountains would be in the balmy upper 50s/lower 60’s?   not us.  we had some time off around the holidays, so did we take advantage of it? heck yes.

so we put on our outside duds, kidnapped one of our youth group kids (hey, its a perk of being youth leaders) and away we went.

the materials.  our designated little garden space measures about 62 feet long by 19 feet wide.

our goal was to make a rustic split-rail fence backed with a more inconspicuous wire fencing to puppy proof it.


just getting started.


ross and J.L. tacking up the wire fencing


mission accomplished: garden safe inside; puppies outside.


almost finished


she better get used to this view


all done!