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So we’re finally ready to reveal the latest room makeover.  To refresh your memory, here’s what the room looked like when we first bought the house.  It’s considered the third bedroom even though its located on the first floor off of the living room and the kitchen (and with no full bath in sight), so we’ve adopted it as our study/office/library/catch all room.  And for about a year all it did was catch all of our junk, until we finally started tackling it around august of last year.


Here’s what the room looked like mid-demo:  the wallpaper got torn off, walls sanded, primed, and painted, and lots of things to be organized.



an old light fixture that just had to go.


and now for the after:  new slate blue walls, new library-esque light fixture, handmade shelves to hold our bulging collection of books, and just a general taming of the madness.


we also scored some new ladder bookshelves ($79 a piece from JCP as opposed to almost $300 a piece from pottery barn – score!) from my parents as a christmas gift, which don’t dominate the space like our old bulky cheap bookshelf from before.


so now we’re no longer scared to show this room off, because even though it has to take on a lot of different functions, it doesn’t have to be ugly doing it.