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Well we did it.  Wilsie Garden 2K9 is officially in progress.  On Saturday I finally sat down and ordered the seeds for this year’s garden.  We’re pretty much growing everything we did last year (tomatoes, pole beans, zucchini, swiss chard, spinach, bell peppers, and onions)  plus a lot more.  But nothing we can’t handle, I don’t think.  Ross is convinced that we’ll be garden slaves for all of spring and summer, but I think we were pretty realistic with what we chose.

Maybe its the byproduct of living in rural southwest Virginia, or maybe its that Tomko blood finally kicking in, but I am totally enamored with the idea of growing my own food – interesting food (can i describe food as interesting?) and doing it in as natural and economic a way as possible.

last year’s garden


Even the planning of the garden excites me – which plant goes where to get the best results, when can i start it, when can it be transplanted into the garden, and how can i design my garden to fit everything while looking aesthetically pleasing.  you know, the basics.

for the most part i still have no idea what i’m doing, but that’s just more of the fun.  i’ve convinced myself that i’m actually going to keep a garden journal, if for no other reason than to know which parts of this garden business i totally botched and need to improve upon for next year.  we’ll see how well i do with that.


Below is what we’ve finally decided on.  Most everything is self-explanatory, but there are some flashier names like “Horn of Plenty” (yellow squash) and “Banana” (a type of fingerling potato).  All my seeds are from either Pinetree seeds or Baker Creek seeds.


I got a little trigger happy when I bought my Baker Creek seeds, so there’s no screen shot to show, just a list of what I purchased.  The flashy names in this batch are  “Contender”  (a bush bean), “White Scallop” (white summer squash), “Green Zebra,” “German Red Strawberry,” “Carbon,” “Yellow Pear” (types of tomatoes), and “White Sugar Lump” (a type of watermelon).

Item Ref.      Qty.  Description

BN102           1      - Contender (Buff Valentine)
HB103           1      - Lime Basil
HB126           1      - Dill - Bouquet
HB135           1      - Chives - Common
SQ167           1      - Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin
SSQ107          1      - White Scallop
TG103           1      - Green Zebra
TM128           1      - German Red Strawberry
TP112           1      - Carbon
TY122           1      - Yellow Pear
WM166           1      - White Sugar Lump

so there you have it.  our little garden.

the real work will actually begin around the beginning of march when we’ll plant the tomato seeds and grow them under plant lights.  then there will be either something to plant or transplant every week until roughly mid-may, when the danger of frost is over and things can start being transplanted or directly planted into the garden.  sounds fun, right?