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i’m torn.

the weather around here has really been teasing us.  bitterly cold and no precipitation, or unseasonably mild and buckets of rain.  then there are the fluke times when all the weather patterns line up correctly and give us snow.  but usually only enough to get our hopes up before tuckering out.  all of this wishy washy, pansy snow has just made me want to be done with winter all together.  yes, i’ve definitely enjoyed snuggling up under blankets, making a batch of soup for dinner, and that cool icy light that only comes with winter – but my definition of winter also includes a couple of days of snow.  of the real deal, more than a dusting, build a snow ramp and sled down it kind of snow.  and since that hasn’t happened, well, if its all the same to you, i’d rather just skip the season and move on to spring.  when all the growing and planting and green stuff happens.

but now the weather’s toying with my emotions again; threatening more than a dusting – threatening even a snow day maybe – and well – like i said, i’m torn.

i’m torn because today the second half of my garden seeds came in and i’m having to make a decision between loving the snow and wanting to get outside in shorts and flip flops and roll around in the dirt.  it’s quite a conundrum.

so while i try to sort out my little dilemma some more, i’ll share the bounty of my mailbox.