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in a spontaneous, fly by the seat of our pants moment, ross and i will be driving to upstate new york for a long weekend with great friends.  just writing that makes me excited.  the icing on the cake would be some snow, but i won’t push my luck. 

in preparation for our trip, i’ve been working at putting together a couple of tasty recipes to either make ahead of time or bring ingredients for to make over the weekend.  because even more than snow, great food is really the icing on the cake of a long weekend with great friends.

i haven’t gotten very far.

i could always go with the trusty recipes that turned out so well around valentine’s day last year, but just this morning i’ve added these butterscotch cookies to my list.  they seem like just the right sweet to finish off a great meal.  fresh bread was also on my list, but with time ticking away, packing may take precedence over bread kneading.  in the end, i think i’ll stash some of my favorite ingredients lying around the kitchen into the car and pull together a recipe once we get there.  that’s the great thing about these friends – with them, masterpieces can arise even from the gathering of a motley assortment of discombobulated ingredients.  and there may be a picture or two snapped over the course of the weekend too.  but that’s just a guess.