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while big fluffy flakes of snow fell all afternoon on sunday, ross and i holed up in the garage, with the wood stove cranking and the pups curled up in front of it, some tunes playing, and got to work on our new seed starting arrangement. 

by mid-march, seed starting will really pick up, so we needed to have all the set up down well before then.  our arrangement is really simple right now:  we have a series of plant lights hanging from the rafters so as to give the veggies-to-be a good dose of light (about 12 hours).  we also purchased a space heater to keep the seeds warm at night and help speed germination along.  right now we have four seed trays with 100 cells each.

planted so far are some red onions, leeks, and basil.  i might also add some other herbs this week, just to see if i can get them going early.

finally, i just finished a tentative layout for what plants are going where and how many.  our garden is significantly bigger this year – as in 5x bigger – so i wanted to make sure i was organized.  it sure looks great on paper – the real test will come in may and june when i’m actually planting and tending all those plants.  if i can make it work, i’ll try to post the layout.

still left to do is figure out how in the world we’re going to come up with enough compost, peat moss, and vermiculite (the three ingredients that make up our soil) to fill up four 4’x8′ boxes and two 4’x4′ boxes.   We’ve been composting all year, but two people just don’t generate enough compost for that much space.  Guess we’ll be hitting up some local farms? yum.

pictures of the seedlings soon!