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…this blog (whenever i get around to updating it) is probably going to be overtaken by garden posts for the next couple of months.  not that i won’t try to put some other things up here – we’ve been doing some projects around the house I need to post about – and there have also been a few new recipes flying around too – but to be honest, my brain is really going to be in the garden for quite awhile.

i posted the pictures of my tiny onion seedlings trying to make a go of it.  but since then i’ve planted 3 kinds of bell peppers, 8 kinds of tomatoes, a whole bunch of herbs, an eggplant (was a free gift with my order, so why not try it out), leeks, and several types of lettuce. 

then this past saturday, ross and i went down to our local southern states and came away with 2 rosemary seedlings, dill, chives, another type of lettuce, two types of onion sets,  two orange tomato seedlings, and two flats of colorful pansies to plant out front.  over the next couple of weeks, i’ll finish out all the planting: squash, zucchini, beans, watermelon, and a pumpkin.

and finally, ross and i made time to turn all those pieces of lumber into our raised beds and stapled weed blocker to the bottom to keep out unwanted plant life.  we’ll lay them out in the garden in the next week or so – after we give the ground a nice tilling and remove as many of the weeds that are already growing.  the plan is to fill in the extra space with wood chips from the local landfill to create walking paths.

so with perhaps the exception of my father, i may not have any visitors until growing season is over.  if so, i hope you’ll at least rejoin me in the fall. 🙂  or for the occasional time i’ll talk about something that doesn’t have to do with dirt.