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we’re slowly making progress on the garden.  ross borrowed a tiller from a coworker and was able to get in and till up all the weeds that had started overtaking the space already.  we were also able to get away with not bagging up any leaves this year by going over them with the lawnmower and turning them into compost.  not bad.

most noticeably, we finally installed all the raised boxes into their permanent spots.  we decided to go with 4′ x 8′ beds this year to save on wood and space.  since we’ve left plenty of space on all four sides, access to the middle will still be really easy.  there’s still one more box to build, but when that goes in it will even up the two rows.

last year’s garden space: 32 square feet

this year’s garden space: 160 square feet.  whoa.

we’ll be borrowing my grandfather’s flatbed trailer this weekend and hopefully by next weekend we can pick up the load of wood chips we need to finish off the pathways.

then all we need is some soil and some warm weather – what’s the deal with these snow flurries?