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as i suspected, i haven’t been that diligent with my garden journal.  and although i intend to remedy that, i thought it couldn’t hurt to jot some notes down in more than one place. 

while it may seem that journaling about what you garden is overkill, i’m already finding that being able to look back to the previous year (or even the previous month) gives a lot of good insight into how to do something again (because it worked well) or to improve upon something (because it didn’t).  so many times just this year, i remember thinking “hmm, need to make a mental note to do that differently”  but because i didn’t write it down, not all of those great aha moments got filed away in my brain.  which means i could potentially have to learn the lesson all over again. 

so bottom line:  write stuff down.  it helps for the next time around.


last night, ross and i made a run to Lowe’s and then set out to beat sunset and an evening shower with some outdoor work.  unfortunately i didn’t stop to take any pictures.  will remedy that soon as well.

– checked the seedlings growing in the garage:  nearly all tomatoes have sprouted and are already getting leggy – hopefully they’ll be able to support themselves.  peppers are doing moderately well, but i may plant just a few more to be safe.  almost all the herbs are up and making a go of it.  early basil is doing really well and probably needs to be transplanted soon.  need to plant another round of cilantro and probably some more tomatoes.  onions aren’t doing too hot – good thing i bought onion sets.  small planter of lettuce is growing well.  still need to plant squash, zucchini, beans, pumpkins, watermelon, spinach, swiss chard, and other lettuces.

– while i planted our front window boxes (one cream gerber daisy, two hot pink trailing petunias, and six white/hot pink dianthis), ross constructed the last 4’x8′ box to complete the garden for this year.

– while i planted the window boxes on our garden shed in the back of the yard -the first time we’ve been able to plant back there!  (more dianthis and white trailing petunias), ross filled one of the 4’x4′ boxes with our soil mix (homemade compost, peat moss, vermiculite) so we could plant the onions.

– geared up with headlamps and with the first drops of rain coming down, we planted half the box with red and yellow onion sets, leaving the rest of the space for potatoes, which will go in sometime later this week.  hopefully.

– issues: we don’t have enough compost.  even filling a 4’x4′ box, we used almost a third of the pile.  one 4’x8′ box would use the rest of it and we have 3 more 4’x8′ boxes.  hmm.

pictures to come.