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finally got out to snap a few pictures this morning of all the slow but steady progress around the yard and garden.  i apologize for the picture quality – didn’t get a chance to touch these up at all.  oh well, you’ll get the idea.

the front window boxes.  hopefully the hot pink ladies on each end will start filling in and cascade down the sides of the box.


left side view.  planted two pots with white petunias and lavender and yellow pansies.  the tulips are almost in bloom!


the enormous pile of mulch that will get spread on all the flower beds this weekend.  thankfully we’re supposed to have really nice weather.


Now we’re stepping into the seed room/garage were all the plants are kept.

these are all different varieties of tomatoes. (Green Zebra and Carbon mostly)


a little tub of two different types of lettuce


here’s the basil that’s started to really get big.  i may have to split this pot into two so they’ll have enough room.


bell peppers.  like i said, they’re doing so-so, because not all of them have sprouted. it’s possible that it may not be warm enough, even with the space heater. (which we’ve turned off by the way because its become the bane of our power bill’s existence)  at least the ones that are up are doing well


the whole shebang.  the really leafy pots behind the seed trays are different herb seedlings we purchased at Southern States a few weeks ago (onion chives, rosemary, and dill) and two tomato plants.  I’m just waiting until it’s warm enough to plant them outside.


Buttercrunch lettuce seedlings that desperately need to be transplanted, but i don’t have soil in the boxes yet!  just not enough time in the day. 


the final layout of the garden (we just added the 4’x8′ box in the back right).  we’ve also planted both onions and potatoes in the 4’x4′ box on the back left.  grow! grow!


ye faithful compost pile.  this back corner will be its permanent home so we’ll always have easy access.  this past weekend the thermometer in it read 130 degrees.  so it’s definitely working


so that’s the tour for now.  after this weekend there should be a lot more to see.