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how much would i love to have a kitchen big enough to hold this beauty?  it’s modeled after an old fashioned chicken coop (coop really isn’t the word i’m looking for, but you know what i mean – where chickens nest and lay eggs).  i’ve also thought it might serve well in a garden shed to hold tools, extra pots, and seeds, a bookshelf in a study,  or if you were really organized, it could stand in as an open-shelf dresser.  the sky’s the limit really.


i guess since i can’t decide, i’ll just have to buy more than one 🙂



for the life of me i can’t remember where i found this.  when i do, i’ll post a link.  HA!!  Found it.  Read about it right here.  And if anyone would like to buy me one — or two — you can find them here.