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It’s that time of year again.  A little later than we would’ve liked, but Ross and I are finally getting out on the trail for our first camping trip of the season!  This trip will be different than most, however, because it will be our niece’s first camping trip.  Yep that’s right, we’re meeting up with Tom, Julia, and (8-month old!) little niece Anna Grace for a night in Roan Mountain State Park, which is in Tennessee.  To ease the little one in, we won’t be backpacking this weekend like we normally do, but getting a spot at the campgrounds and doing a dayhike tomorrow.  Unfortunately Ross and I have to get back on Saturday night and won’t be able to stay the whole weekend, but we’ll take one  night of camping and hiking over no time at all.  Just means we’ll have to get back on the trail even sooner.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!