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so it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve tackled a full blown “house project” lately (as in, last year! gasp).  as apparent by my blog content for the past 4 months,  all my time is going towards the hunk of dirt in the backyard.  but i think i’ve gotten bitten by the project bug again, because i’ve been seriously craving some demo and reno lately.

at the top of my list right now:

– redoing the back porch.  as in, ripping off the current one and starting from scratch.  i salivate sometimes when i think about it.

– installing new kitchen countertops.  even though our kitchen was a huge selling point when we bought the house, it was only inevitable that the tiled countertops would become the bane of my existence over time.  the color and the material i don’t mind at all – its the little pieces of everything that get stuck in the grout that is driving me insane.

– redoing the front walkway/stoop.  relaying the wobbly flagstone, and continuing it up to the stoop instead of the weird, massive slab of painted concrete we have right now.

things on my “we can actually afford this right now” list:

– redoing our tiny half bath.  most specifically, removing the wallpaper (the last room in the house to have it!) and painting.  putting up curtains.  possibly retiling the floor.  eventually getting a new dual-flush toilet.

and here’s my confession:  on a whim this morning, moments before i left for work,  i picked at a tiny little seam in the wallpaper and ripped off a massive chunk.

now there’s no way i can put it off any longer.  voila. instant motivation.  and we’re back in the home renovation game.