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right now i have a folder of garden pictures opened in photoshop.  they’re all ready to go, just waiting for me to touch them up, resize them, and post them for your viewing pleasure.  i took these pictures on saturday, the 13th.  just 3 days ago.  but i’m realizing that they’re already outdated because the garden is changing constantly.   daily.

some of that is our doing (the trellises are finally up!) and some of that is the rain’s doing.  literally, i can see growth from one day to the next.  our bush beans, potatoes, peppers, and some tomatoes are flowering.  everything is growing taller, fuller, lusher.  the strawberries are getting bigger and more plentiful.  and the truth of the matter is:  i can’t keep up!

so all of this is to say:  i have some pictures, explanations, garden how-to’s (and how not to-do’s) coming up, but in the meantime, this is what we’ve been up to:

– have started mini harvests of spinach, garlic and shallot shoots, onion chives, and dill

– finally transplanted the rest of the tomato seedlings to their forever homes

– searched everywhere in town for a garden auger (basically the biggest drill bit you’ve ever seen, to drill postholes for our bamboo trellises)

– gave up and ordered one online.  crossed fingers it would come in before the weekend.  it did!

– prior to this, we coated all of the bamboo poles in a clear poly in the hopes of extending their shelf life

– rigged up an interesting trellis system for boxes holding tomatoes and squash/zucchini/cukes, etc. (more explanation and pictures to come) after much trial and error

– started encouraging plants to become friends with trellis system in hopes of taking the garden up and not out.  crossed fingers that it will work

– weeded everywhere.  the plants aren’t the only ones that are enjoying this rain.

so that’s about it for the garden.  like i said, its been hard to keep track of all the progress, but at least there is progress.  in other news, our hydrangeas and strawflowers will probably be in bloom sometime this week or next.  can’t wait to see what colors will show up.  i should probably also snap a few pictures of the front yard too.  lots of color and growth going on up there too.