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the first* harvest is in!  ross and i came home from the beach last weekend to find a beautiful yellow squash and green zucchini just waiting to be picked.  and i’m not exaggerating here:  they were gorgeous



the strawberries are ramping up again for another mini harvest (since these strawberries are “everbearing” they produce small, continual yields over the whole summer, instead of one, big, fat yield in june).

as of yesterday – july 23 –  two super sweet Sungold cherry tomatoes were plucked from the vine and popped into each of our mouths.  first tomatoes of the season!!




*no, i guess its not really the first harvest of the year – we’ve been bringing in loads of herbs, lettuce, and beans already (and recently: potatoes and shallots too!), but squash/zucchini and tomatoes are what really get me excited, you know?

IMG_4621swhat you’re lookin at:  four types of loose lettuce (2 of the types are lettuce blends, which are actually made up of many types of lettuce), onion chives, parsley, basil, green beans and dill.