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what’s growing

lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce.  it just keeps coming, and honestly my new recommendation for anyone who wants to grow something and either thinks they have no room or thinks they’re an idiot in the garden:  grow lettuce.  it will give your ego a boost.  all you need to do is sprinkle lettuce seeds on the soil, top with a miniscule amount of additional soil, water regularly and wait about 30 days.  then, eat the lettuce and keep eating it for eternity.

bush beans. i have a green variety and a yellow variety.  both have produced well.  i planted two rounds of these, which has worked out well.  when one round tuckers out, the other is just kicking into gear.  we’ve eaten them grilled (way tastier than i thought they’d be) and steamed.

basil.  note to self for next year:  grow lots more, grow more varieties (just bought some deep purple basil at the farmer’s market yesterday), and label the varieties!

dill. chives.  these are perrenials and have done really well this year.

strawberries.  next year’s crop (and all the years after) will be even better.

cherry tomatoes.  sungolds are the sweetest things i’ve ever tasted!

my pumpkin.  it’s already spewed out of the bed, and has decided to sprawl over the ground and nearby fence.  this year, i’m letting it.  note for next year:  go back to the drawing board on growing pumpkin vines vertically.

what’s teasing me:

the rest of the tomatoes.  just turn ripe already, you’re breaking my heart

bell peppers.  see above.

squash, zucchini, cucumbers.  i’ve harvested only one squash (i have two varieties) and only two zucchinis. no cucumbers at all yet.  very frustrating.

harvest is complete on:  shallots, garlic, and most of the potatoes