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i know some people with gardens are in that surplus stage where they’re being overrun with squash, zucchini, and tomatoes.

we haven’t quite gotten to that point here, but when i was home last weekend my grandfather loaded me down, literally, with his garden surplus:  a five gallon bucket of corn on the cob,  a bag full of yellow squash, another bag of miniature roma tomatoes, three containers of homemade strawberry jam, three quarts of jarred green beans, about 10 pints of last year’s frozen corn, a watermelon, and a cantalope.  did i mention my grandfather is 87 years old?!

so with all of his abundance, i’m hustling to make everything last (whether by eating it now or finding creative ways to freeze it for later).  on top of that, i harvested a renegade zucchini roughly the size of a child’s baseball bat that had been hiding from me.  enter my Cuisinart food processor to save the day.  With less than half of bat-sized zucchini, i made two loaves of zucchini bread and then with a small bag of potatoes from our garden, the rest of the zucchini, some of the yellow squash, a couple small onions, and a chunk of cheddar cheese i made a great shredded potato-veggie-cheesy casserole topped with French’s fried onions (literally i could put these on anything and ross would eat it – they’re magic).  we popped a couple ears of corn in to boil and voila, dinner was made.

didn’t get around to any pictures, but as a consolation prize i’ll post some pictures soon of some homemade wontons ross and i made two weekends ago. they were actually good!