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honestly, where has the summer gone?  the most startling realization that fall was in fact approaching was on my way to work two weeks ago.  my usual 60 mph speed (let’s be honest, if i can break 45 on the two-lane route of death, it’s a happy day) was disrupted – by the flashing school zone lights.  SCHOOL is starting already!  it’s ludicrous.

what’s also ludicrous is just how many pictures i’ve taken of the garden this year.  but it’s a good thing too  – because when i’m about to make the same mistake as this year by growing tomatoes nowhere near the vicinity of a trellis and am forced to prop them up in various embarrassing degrees of string and stake concoctions, i’ll have a picture to remind me.

so i took some iniative for the first time in ages and corralled them all into one place – well, at least i’m in the process of coralling them – and anyone with a large bit of time on their hands can hop on over here and see the whole process from barren chunk of weedy lawn, to “hey! i’ve grown something you can eat!”