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i’ve tried to blog about something other than our garden; it just hasn’t worked out as well as i’d planned.  but now that the garden has started to taper off for the season,  i’m hoping to switch things up a bit.  for example, we actually cook sometimes.  i’m finally following through on my promise to show such an event.

i had never made wontons before – mainly because i was very intimidated by the whole process.  but it turned out to be really easy.


finely dice any combination of meat and/or veggies you’d like.  we used potatoes, zucchini, and onions from our garden and browned up some ground sausage.

IMG_4947_2i found these wonton wrappers in walmart, so they’re not hard to come by.  place a few teaspoons of your veggie mixture in the center of the wrapper.


brush a bit of egg white along all four edges, and then fold over diagonally to make a triangle.  press firmly around the two sides so they’ll hold the filling in.


here are a bunch of wontons waiting for to be fried.  we just filled a cast iron pot with a few inches of oil and heated it using a candy thermometer to gauge the temperature correctly.


pop the wontons into the oil once it’s ready…


…and take them out once they turn golden brown.


place on a paper towel to dry off


and voila.

aside from the time to heat the oil and wait for the wontons to cook, this isn’t a very time intensive process.  but we decided to make the whole package of wontons and then freeze the leftovers for later.  i can personally attest that they’re just as good – just reheat in the oven so they stay crispy.