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although i’ll be sad to leave ross behind, i’m so excited to be travelling down to lake lure this weekend for my niece’s 1 year birthday party.  ross is shooting a wedding on saturday, so he has to stay.  and sadly, we’ll both miss the virginia tech – miami game this weekend.  (::nervous wincing face::  it might be for the best)

last night was a night of frenzy.  the highlight was a free dinner at the Farmhouse – a southern food restaurant literally located in a converted old farmhouse – for my organization’s 40th anniversary.  when that ended at 9 there was still some last minute birthday shopping to do before going home, finishing gifts, wrapping gifts, packing for the weekend, doing two loads of laundry, and getting the house cleaned up a bit.  we didn’t fall into bed until 12:30, and even though i was exhausted, i had started to get a second wind and couldn’t fall asleep right away.

miraculously, i rolled into work more or less on time and have been battling it out all day trying to stay motivated.

it’s very rainy today and looks to be rainy all weekend long, but its been dry for a while, so i don’t really mind.  makes me a little more ok with the fact that fall is coming.

this could be a product of my past three years of full-time mountain living, so don’t send out an intervention team, it’s just who i am:  i’ve become more and more enamoured with the idea of homesteading.


….is anyone still reading?

yeah, i said homesteading.


so homesteading (in 2009) mainly just means trying to live as simply and self-sufficiently as possible.  yes, i still live in the suburbs, and no, i have not joined a commune, but the idea of doing a few more things myself sounds rewarding to me.  i’d start with chickens if i could, but alas, my stupid Town Code does not allow them.  while i brainstorm ideas around this, i’ve started living vicariously through posts from here.  the author is a modern day “homesteader”, graphic designer by day, and writer for Mother Earth News.  She’s a real person telling her story about her real life experiences of balancing her tech savvy day job, with the experience of raising chickens, sheep, geese, rabbits, and a garden in Vermont.  how cool.

i’ve already got the garden part underway, now if i could just smuggle in some chickens…