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i find that riding in a car for extended amounts of time has either one of two effects on me:

1. i become extremely tired and lethargic and don’t want to do anything but vegetate

2. i become strangely invigorated and have the desire to accomplish an inhumanly great number of tasks

sunday’s ride home proved to trigger the latter.

the weather, after having rained all day on friday and saturday, was gorgeous, which probably played a large part in my mood.  i got home, said hi to the husband, and immediately had to be outside.  i cleaned up the garden some, scrubbed out all my terra cotta pots for next spring, and planted a few plants i’d gotten off of freecycle two weeks ago.

the pear tree in our yard wasn’t a huge producer this year, but we hoarded away as many decent looking fruits as possible.  and since they were starting to go soft, i decided that it was about time for some pear butter.  but to take the martha stewart edge off of it, ross and i peeled, cored, and diced the pears while watching the Virginia Tech v. Miami football game we had missed from Saturday afternoon.  (and what a game!)  Of course pear butter then lead to pumpkin puree, as my entire pie pumpkin harvest (both of them) had been sitting on the windowsill for three weeks.  pumpkin puree also turned into toasted pumpkin seeds, but really that one was a no brainer.

and although at one point the kitchen resembled a volcanic eruption more than a room for cooking, i was quite pleased with the products of my sudden burst of initiative:

– 6 jelly jars of pear-cardamom butter.  recipe here.

– roughly 6 cups of pureed pumpkin to freeze.  from Luxury Pie Pumpkins grown in our garden.

– several cups (minus the handfuls i’ve already eaten) salted and toasted pumpkin seeds

– several dozen pumpkin seeds reserved for next year’s garden

there’s a lot more still left to do before all the sun (and light and warmth) leaves for the season, but every little bit helps.