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happy october everyone.

it seems that i did not get the memo that we’ve decided to jump into fall with both feet.  at least that’s what these last few days have felt like.  even the leaves have to started to respond with a few splashes of color.  where have i been?!

yesterday evening i drove out to riner (heading out towards floyd) to pick up some plants a nice lady was offering up on freecycle (i’ll pretty much never turn down free plants) and the whole ambiance of the evening was breathtaking:  i let both pups come with me and cracked open the back windows so they could smell the smells as we drove.  it was only 6, but there was a definite chill in the air.  i was listening to iron and wine as i drove into riner and down the back roads towards the lady’s house – a perfect mellow soundtrack to the calm evening.  i picked up the plants without a hitch, and on the way back the sun was starting to set; it was just about perfect.  just another reminder of how much i love it here.