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fall is really starting to swoop in now.  we had a lot of gusty wind this morning and i realized that all too soon it’ll be leaf raking season again.  i’m not sure when peak color season is predicted to be for us this year, but the maples and a few other trees are displaying pretty bright colors already.

i’m wearing a sweater for the first time this season and even though the rest of my winter wardrobe in packed away in a box in the attic, i imagine i’ll have to be refamiliarizing myself with all the long sleeves, thick sweaters, scarves, and coats sooner rather than later.

for me, fall has always carried special memories:  of football games, the acrid smell of ash from bonfires, sharp and refreshing air, the piling on of layers, the approaching holiday season, and food – always food.  but more than that, for 1,096 days and counting, it has carried the memories of a rainy, whirlwind weekend, where surrounded by my closest friends and family, i got more dressed up than i’ve ever been, and walked down the aisle to say yes, till death do us part, this is my solemn vow.

the time since has gone by faster than i ever thought it would, but thankfully it still feels fresh and new, while at the same time feeling comfortable and safe.  our adventures thus far have been so fun – i pray that there are unending adventures to come.  here’s to three years and counting…  love you ross.



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