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stream of consciousness

so much going on!   a stream of consciousness is all i can offer, and best represents what’s going on in my brain/life these days.

i was finally able to get out and make sense of my front yard situation (read: in an impulsive OCD move, i left work early and spent 2 and a half hours ravaging the dead plants, weeds, general disgustingness of the front yard.)  drove out to get pumpkins and two mums – one much larger than my head.  manically grappled with the crab grass threatening to totally overrun my lillies.  still not done, but feeling better about it.

in addition, i drove to charlottesville last saturday morning (10/31), took pictures for 4 hours of the cousin and her fiancee for engagement/save the date cards (hi ash and wes!) then drove back and planned a baby shower to be hosted the next evening.  after church, cooked allll afternoon for shower.  baby shower went surprisingly well – food edible, fun times had, many laughs laughed, many sweet, girly gifts opened and ahhed over.

garlic still not planted.  fall lettuce never got planted.  meetings on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday prevent such things.

ross and i got the proofs back on his new photography logo – we can’t decide!

little sister’s wedding coming up in two weeks!  crazy, freaky, exciting, weird, overwhelming!

we officially closed on our new mortgage – say yes to savings!

normal, sane posts are hopefully right around the corner…

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