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as the chance of rain today is 100%, i’m thankful that last weekend was beautiful and sunny, because it was the only weekend in the month of november that ross and i were going to be home.  and we got so much done.

with life being pretty busy lately, it’s seemed like we’ve been neglecting the house – which we have.  or at least the outside of it.  so we deferred a planned hiking trip to sunday afternoon and dedicated saturday to work around the house.  grass cutting, weeding, cleaning up of dead garden beds, and pruning took us until nearly till dusk to complete.  along with the time it took for ross to put a rock through his back windshield and completely shatter it into a million pieces.  great.

the highlight of the day (if you’ve met our neighbors, you’ll know why it was the highlight) was finally using anniversary money from my parents to purchase 12 Green Giant arborvitae trees to plant along the fenceline on the east side of our property.  These bad boys grow up to 5 FEET a year!  (read:  they will become an impenetrable living fence very very soon! score!)

we ended the evening with some sore muscles, the first woodburning fire in our house ever (we just had our gas logs removed), some college football, and a tasty dinner.  not too shabby.